“Connecting together to release heaven on earth
and set the nations on fire for Jesus.”

This is what we are about and we invite you to join with us in this Kingdom pursuit!


Church Plus is a relational network ministry focussed on three things; prayer, kingdom & encounter. Church Plus operates as an umbrella under which projects, resources, initiatives and even ministries are born, nurtured and released. You can find out more about them by clicking their images below.

We have no requirement for membership and many people who join us in our activities continue their involvement in the churches they are already in – which we encourage; our desire is to build up not pull down. So if you are in a church you can still connect with us; if you are not then so can you – the importance is connection and relationship.

This site will connect you with us through our news, events and activities, but you can also make use of our resources independently of us. Whichever you choose to do we are with you. Live blessed!

You can find out more about us in our ‘About Us’ section.


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